Non Transact Assets

You may still have an investment or policy which has not yet been transferred into your Argyle Transact Wrap.

This might be because of a financial penalty, or the loss of a specific guarantee attached to the policy. In these instances, we will continue to monitor the situation on your behalf and include any updates within your Annual Review.

Introducing AssetMemo

Although these investments may not be directly invested in your Transact portfolio you can keep track of them through the same system. There is a facility on your Transact account to keep a record of all of your other assets such as savings accounts, and investments currently held outside your main portfolio. This is called the ‘AssetMemo’ and you can easily access this by logging on and then clicking the appropriate button. You can also add other assets such as your home that don’t fit into your Transact account.

One of the problems we all have is keeping track of where we are financially and using the asset memo will help you keep an up to date record of everything that you own so that you always have a clear picture of your financial situation, and of course it is completely secure and confidential.