Wrap accounts

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A wrap is a term which immediately conjures up a particular image in our mind’s eye. We wrap presents, we wrap up in cold weather, we wrap up food. and so the concept of placing something around things is one which comes naturally.

Many of us own a mixed bag of financial products, which we have accumulated at various times in our lives. Transact is a financial Wrap which allows us to gather all of these in one place and then to introduce a co-ordinated investment strategy.

Think of the Argyle/Transact wrap as an umbrella, under which we can collect all of the different forms of savings you might have – eg. NISA’s, pensions, stocks and shares, unit and investment trusts, even cash. Once everything has been pooled together, we can apply a uniform investment strategy, to help achieve your financial objectives.

Wraps come in different forms and Argyle conducted extensive research into this area before settling upon one provided by Transact. It enables us to give completely independent advice, in the most transparent value-for-money manner possible.

Transact is a service, it is not a product. Transact simply execute instructions which we place on your behalf – for example, to buy or sell the funds within your portfolio.

Transact is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The key attraction of the Argyle Transact Wrap is its complete transparency. In our investment process nothing is hidden and you can see all the costs associated with their investments including, of course, the Argyle charge. We are remunerated solely by you and do not receive income from any other source. This is a vital aspect to our advice process, ensuring that we have no product or product provider bias. For more information on how Argyle are remunerated, please click here.

You can find out more about Transact and how it adds value to your financial planning by visiting their website.