How Argyle are paid

How Argyle are paid 2018-01-09T09:53:42+00:00

Argyle is not a traditional financial adviser, either in the way that we operate, or in the way that we are remunerated.

We are not commission based, nor are we linked to any product provider or life insurance company. Therefore, we are truly independent and can offer whole-of-market solutions, as opposed to selecting from a ‘ring-fenced’ pool of products. In return for this specialist management service, we charge a fixed annual management fee, equivalent to 1% of the assets which we are managing on your behalf. This is paid monthly, from the cash element of your portfolio. It is that simple and that transparent.

Within the 1% Argyle annual management charge, we will provide you with advice on additional financial matters, such as finding a mortgage/re-mortgage, inheritance tax planning, wills, individual and family protection.

As our own income is directly linked to the value of your portfolio, it is in everyone’s best interests that we work as a genuine partnership. In simple terms, this means that as your investments prosper, then so will our own fortunes – good news for all concerned.