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Most of us rarely take the opportunity to thoroughly scrutinise our financial affairs, to ensure that decisions we made in the past have actually achieved (and are still achieving) what was originally intended.

This is particularly so when reviewing the many thousands of funds now available to investors, which are accompanied by oceans of commentary and various different yardsticks for measuring their performance. It can be confusing to say the least.

A significant part of the service we provide is to determine which blend of funds is right for you… taking particular note of your investment objectives, timescales and of course, your attitude towards risk.

Argyle’s system generates an optimum asset allocation for your money, which we then place into a Portfolio Investment Model. In turn, this model provides access to a range of sophisticated investing techniques that utilise specific funds.

Our fund recommendations are then incorporated into a report for your consideration and approval, which we try and make as ‘user friendly’ as possible. The report contains :

  • Your current situation, attitude towards risk, objectives and timescales.
  • Your recommended asset allocation and how it is was calculated.
  • Details of our fund selection process.
  • Individual fact sheets for all the recommended funds.
  • Information about charges.

However, once we have invested in an optimum blend of funds, we will continuously monitor (and change when necessary) to ensure it remains valid.