Understanding Finance

This website is designed to assist you in Understanding Finance.

If you are a client of Argyle you will be able to see how we go about the business of managing your money, by clicking on whichever section you wish to know more about. You can also log onto your Transact account using the link at the top of this page.

There are four key areas within the site, providing a detailed explanation of the important elements which constitute our advice process. We suggest you begin your journey with the section on Asset Allocation, moving on to Fund Selection, then to an explanation of The Wrap Account and finally, the Annual Review … which is when we re-visit your portfolio to ensure it continues to meet all of your financial objectives.

You will also find various links to other sites which can help you in Understanding Finance. These can be found in the Information Centre and they will allow you to access the sort of financial data which Argyle utilise on a daily basis.