Charities we support

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There are thousands of charities and causes that are worthy of public support. Many years ago we decided the most effective way that we could probably help would be to primarily (albeit not exclusively) concentrate on one particular charity.

As a result, our first adopted charity became Children in Crisis and we gradually altered aspects of our business to provide support wherever possible. Initially this took the form of very simple activities such as diverting monies previously spent on sending Birthday and Christmas cards to clients, which then expanded into organising or taking part in variety of sponsored activities… generally associated with the great outdoors!

Through her own love of horse riding, Jean then accepted a position within Riding for the Disabled… a wonderful charity which does the most amazing work with disabled children, whilst relying completely upon donations to function. After Jean became a Trustee, we decided to formally adopt this organisation too.

In addition to financial support and Trustee duties, Jean now spends one day per week helping young children to obtain the maximum possible benefit from this highly therapeutic activity.

Our modest aims are but a drop in the ocean yet, with the kind assistance of many others who also give of their time or money, we hope to have made a small difference in the lives of those who are far less fortunate than ourselves.