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One of our main aims has always been to try and help you with Understanding your Financial Arrangements and to help us to do this a little better we have now updated and revised our website.

We intend to use this new website to address some of the wider real life financial issues which actually impact on all of our financial arrangements rather than to tell you how we go about managing your money.

A great deal of financial commentary is unnecessarily complex and littered with jargon, whereas you will hopefully find that we intentionally favour clarity and plain speaking. Articles will be added periodically, so if you have any suggestions please let us know. We will also be covering some of these topics in our future monthly e-Bulletins.

Finally at Argyle we utilise technology as a means to serve your interests better and it is not and will not be a replacement for our traditional personal service. We want you to continue to feel able to contact us if there is ever any financial related matter which concerns you.

We are contactable by telephone 01442 842538, email at [email protected] or face-to-face on facetime, or skype …whichever method you prefer.

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